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About Us

About Us


In todays World any institution which exerts the greatest influence on us after the Family it is the School The basic traits of our personality are formed during our school days The name of my School is Go Green International School It is situated at Chintaman Jawasiya What does Green means to us In Education it means many things It means accessibility and Social mobility It means Equality of Opportunity It means we have the chance to change lives The School building is an impressive structure with classroom been Spacious and Airy It has well Equipped Library a well established laboratory and an excellent Computer Room The Principal Office Director Room Clerks Room Staff Room and reception are all close to the entrance of the Building Cemented Basket Ball Volley Ball Court Cricket Field and Running Tracks is in front of the Entrance While the football  field Lies at the back of the reception Plants Surrounds the School Building adding to Charm and Beauty



At Go Green School Ujjain we see our Future as a permanent fixture in our City providing a World class Progressive Education for its Children While each day activity participating in the care and development of our local community We see our School not as a Building but rather as a family dedicated to creating Opportunities Ideas and real life Solutions while reinforcing the Ideals that make our City and Society great



Our Mission for Go Green school  is to provide our students with an Unparalleled College Preparatory Education with Unparalleled Individual Attention While nurturing Unparalleled Parents Involvement The Guiding theme of our School rests on the concepts of Sustainability The process of improving the Quality of Human Life while Living within the Carrying Capacity of Supporting Eco system our Mission  is that all learners access to learning through the provision of Enriching and engaging resources