CBSE affiliation Number: 1031163

Principal message

Principal message

At GO GREEN we strive to provide an education that meets the need of Children. We offer a CBSE Curriculum taught by the talented and enthusiastic staff. We know that academic success is not something that all students find easy, however our goal is to have all over students realize their potential. With this in mind we endeavor to provide programs that meet and caters the needs of all individuals .Over the past years, the school has worked towards the goals envisioned by the founders.

All the time at GO GREEN we ensure students feel good about themselves and celebrate not only their own but the achievement of others. .

Considerable emphasis is placed on the key learning areas of English and Mathematics. The Director and Staff acknowledge that without a firm grounding in these subjects our students learning in other areas is   compromised.

We are extremely lucky to have a spacious attractive environment. In fact, we believe our play ground facilities are second to none, offering children a challenging space to meet their physical needs.

Principal is to tackle any problem that may interfere with the learning or safety of our students. I appreciate the strong support and dedication of the community, faculty, staff and the students that have brought success to Go Green International School. In conclusion, my leadership at Go Green International School is purposeful. My purpose is putting students first.

I pray that we can continue to synergize for the success of our children.  As they truly deserve It.

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Go Green International school